What we do

Road. Wind. 

Yes, unlimited mileage. Yes, on our motorcycles you can travel to Georgia, Abkhazia, Turkey, Bulgaria, Greece and so on. We have a Vulcan Voyager 1700cc , and FZ6R 600cc, but before rent them you need to increase your confidence rating. However, it is not difficult.



24h roadside assistance

Anything can happen on the road. We sincerely hope that this service never will be needed, but if it does, then, as they say, glad to be helpful. 


A view from above

We are happy to cut a short video with you in the lead role, so you can share your experience with friends.



+7 925 083 1135

Moto service

We have everything to make scheduled maintenance (replacement pads, oil filters, and so on)


We'll be glad give you a ride on our bikes


We can transfer our motorbike to any place


Do not have "A" category, but really want to ride with the wind? You have an interesting event, and you are not averse to be accompanied by a motorcycles or you just want to impress your friends and meet them at the airport? Or tour? Motorcycle taxi and moto escort — our moto fleet is available.

Motorcycle driving lessons


Private lessons of driving a motorcycle. Different levels from basic to advanced.
An individual approach, personal development programs.
The course includes a large part of a theoretical topic: behavior on the road, the analysis of accidents and dangerous situations. Advice and assistance in the selection of equipment.
Consultations in preparation for the onward journey, recommendations and  destruction of myths. Provision of educational equipment and means of communication.
Management Course for heavy motorcycles (tourists, choppers).
Departure to the city accompanied by an instructor.


Seasonal         storage       of motorcycles

We deliver bikes to Sochi from any regions and back!
Tired to close "opened yesterday" new season? Do want ride in February?
Tired of preserving your motorbike? Your bike can overwinter in our South!
Now you do not need to close the season - you can ride all year round!
We will transport your motorcycle at any time of the year and take it
for safekeeping in Sochi.


Unlimited mileage

Good technical condition